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    Trade Portal FAQs

    We want to help you get the most out of the PlaceMakers Trade Portal, here are our most frequently asked questions!

    For additional support, check out our support centre.

    Are all prices shown on the Trade Portal excluding GST?

    Yes, all the prices shown on the Trade Portal are your specific trade account pricing excluding GST.

    Can I log in to the Trade App with my Trade Portal details?

    Yes you can, and vice versa. Just use the same log in details for both!

    Where do I choose or change my Job account?

    In the top navigation next to your account on the left. Click the drop down and select the Job account you would like to order from or check pricing for.

    Where do I find my Invoices Online?

    In the top navigation next to "Orders" you should see "Invoices". If you don't see this then you haven't been given access for this Trade Account. If you need to get access to this, please ask your Trade Account Owner to make you an Admin on their account so you can view this.

    How do I give an already invited team member access to Invoices Online?

    Unfortunately you will need to remove them and re-invite them giving them admin access, as only admin and account owners can see Invoices through the Trade Portal.

    How do I change my branch to view stock availability?

    You can only do this when you're browsing products. Just above the top product you will see "Branch location", just click "Change" and you can select whatever branch you would like to view stock availability and pricing for. 

    How do I check the stock level for specific branches?

    Simply change the branch following the above instructions and you will see the stock levels for that specific branch underneath the price of each product.

    How do I view my trade price?

    All the prices shown on the Trade Portal will be your trade price for the trade account that you have selected. To check what trade account you are viewing the price for, just check the account name in the top navigation and select from the drop down if you want to view the pricing on another trade account you have linked.

    Where do I find my open orders?

    Under "Orders" found in the top navigation you can find all your orders, including open orders.

    Can I change my order on the Trade Portal?

    Unfortunately once you have placed your order online through the Trade Portal you can't make any changes to it online. If you would like to make a change to your order you will need to contact your PlaceMakers store and they can update it for you.

    Where do I pickup my order from?

    To check this, simply go in to your "Orders" and check the "Staging area" - this will tell you where to collect your order from.

    How do I delegate to a team member?

    Watch our how to video here.

    Note: if you want your team members to be able to see product and your price make sure to give them access to place orders and if you don't want them to be able to place orders simply set their spending limit to $0.

    What does the different "status" mean for each of my delegates?

    "Pending" means they haven't registered for the app/portal yet

    "Accepted" means they have successfully registered to the app/portal and linked the account

    "Expired" means they have not accepted the invitation in time and it has expired. As the account owner or admin you can delete the invite and then re-invite them again to give them access.

    Can I upload lists?

    Yes you can - watch how to do it here.

    Can I use Skip the Counter on the Trade Portal?

    No you can't, however you can use your Trade Portal details to log in to the Trade App and Skip the Counter through there.

    Can I Click & Collect from another branch?

    Yes you can, just select the branch you would like to pickup from during the checkout process. 


    The PlaceMakers Trade Portal is here to make your life easier! We've made ordering even simpler and easier by giving you the ability to do it anywhere, anytime so you can get what you need when you need it.