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    About Polyester Insulation

    100% polyester insulation is becoming more and more popular as an alternative choice to fibreglass. It is manufactured to the same performance levels as other types of insulation but has a number of distinct advantages including its ease of install and sustainability.

    While not the most cost effective solution, Polyester insulation improves the warmth and energy efficiency of both residential and commercial buildings and is available in both low density blankets and medium to high density sections.

    It is also an excellent solution for decorative acoustics. These are acoustic insulation solutions which are deigned to be on display in sound deadening rooms such as studios, private offices and meeting pods.

    COST A premium option.
    INSTALLATION A safer to handle product, made from imported, recycled plastic. Polyester insulation tends to be firmer and sag less over time.
    BRANDS More Info
    • Non itchy — the dust or fibres are not small enough to enter your pores to create irritation.
    • Environmentally friendly as it's made from at least 45% recycled plastic and is recyclable
    • Strong durable product which can handle being moved at a later date or walked on.
    • Odourless and neutral.
    • Long life material (50 year + durability rating).
    • Can be stapled into place (subfloor) to ensure that it will not move.
    • Does not contain petrol-based chemicals
    • Non-toxic and non-allergenic
    • Fire resistant but still combustible.
    • A more expensive option than other insulation types.
    • Handling of the material during installation can be awkward as the bales are quite large.


    Whether renovating or building insulation is vital component, it helps control the thermal energy flow throughout your build. Check out the insulation options on offer at PlaceMakers, from Fibreglass to Wool.



    Mammoth® Modern Insulation has a comprehensive range of thermal, acoustic (including decorative) polyester insulation products for use in the ceiling, wall and underfloor for the building, construction and residential markets.

    With manufacturing facilities in the North Island, Mammoth's thermal and acoustic insulation is made from 100% polyester and uses up to 15,600 recycled plastic bottles per 100 sqm*.

    Made by NZ's first Toitū net carbon zero certified insulation manufacturing company, everything from packaging to product is recyclable at the end of its life.

    Mammoth Installation Guides
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    GreenStuf® insulation is proudly made for Kiwis by Kiwis, manufactured here in New Zealand. Safe to touch, with no chemicals or airborne fibres, GreenStuf is a thermal and acoustic insulation made from 100% polyester fibre.

    Designed for the New Zealand climate, GreenStuf is not affected by moisture, and its longevity and durability are guaranteed with a 50-year warranty.

    GreenStuf won’t slump or settle over time, so there’s less need to replace it over the lifespan of the building it’s installed in. 

    Greenstuf Installation Guides
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    All Over H1

    Want to be 'All over H1'? Clause H1 of the New Zealand Building Code, which regulates the energy efficiency of buildings, is undergoing its biggest changes in more than a decade. The first phase of implementation began on Thursday 3 November 2022, with a further set of requirements beginning from 1 May 2023.

    Safety Gear

    Installing insulation? Choose from our huge range of PPE to keep yourself and others safe on the job site.