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    Create a comfortable and healthy space for your family with the right temperature for every season. We offer an extensive range of heating, cooling and ventilation solutions to ensure we have something to suit every home and climate.

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    A solution for every home  

    With so many product options and pathways to achieve a similar result, it can be overwhelming deciding what is best to suit your home when it comes to home heating, cooling and ventilation.

    What we seek at the end of this journey, is a healthy and comfortable environment. No matter if you are seeking a healthy home solution for a rental property, a low-cost result for a short term or first home, or perhaps a modern, super-efficient technology-fuelled smart home solution, the extensive range of heating and cooling products available from PlaceMakers will provide something for every requirement.

    New Zealand is host to many climates so when it comes to heating and cooling, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. That's why we've curated a collection of heating and cooling solutions to suit homes across the country whether it's part of a new build, renovation or retrofit. We also offer tailor-made solutions to create a bespoke solution.


    Check out the pro's and con's of the different heating options available at PlaceMakers


    Nationwide HEAT pump installation & servicing

    Buying a heat pump? We can help with installation. 

    Our team of experts can help you choose the right heat pump for your space, then organise the delivery and installation for you - anywhere in New Zealand, all in one simple transaction. We can even help arrange subsequent maintenance and servicing. Get a warmer home with a seamless heat pump installation service through PlaceMakers - chat with us today. 

    Get a Heat Pump Installation Quote

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    Shop for options to heat, cool, and ventilate your home.

    Heat pumps are a versatile and energy-efficient solution that will keep your home warm in the winter and cool over summer, offering year-round comfort for any New Zealand home. By utilising the natural warmth present in the air or ground, they transfer heat indoors, and in doing so produce more heat energy than the electricity they consume, making heat pumps a cost-effective home heating solution. Whether you prefer a wall-mounted heat pump, floor console, or even a ducted system, we have the perfect model for your home.


    For what to consider when choosing the right heat pump for your home, read our selection guide. View Guide

    Gas fires offer a warmth and elegance, perfect for creating a cosy and inviting space in any New Zealand home. With their realistic flame effects, they provide the charm of a traditional wood burner without the maintenance. With the flick of a switch, you’ll be luxuriating in front of a warming gas fire that quickly heats the room and creates instant ambience. Whether integrated into a modern design or a classic setting, gas fires bring comfort, style, and efficiency to your home with ease.


    For what to consider when choosing the right fireplace for you home, read our selection guide here.View Guide

    There's nothing in the world like lighting a fire on a cold winter's night, then sitting back and watching the mesmerising glow of crackling wood. Whichever brand you choose, all our wood fires provide a safe, stylish, and reliable source of heat and ambience. Many of our models can be used to heat your water supply, helping to cut down on power bills and keep you warm through power outages. Ultra-Low Emission Burner fires are a requirement in some parts of New Zealand. These wood fires produce a lot less carbon emissions than traditional wood fires, helping to maintain a clean air environment.


    For what to consider when choosing the right wood burner for your home, read our selection guide.View Guide

    Electric panel heaters offer a convenient and efficient solution for keeping your living spaces warm. Designed to provide consistent and gentle heat distribution within a room, there sleek and slim profile is unobtrusive and easy to integrate into various interior aesthetics without occupying valuable space. Easy installation and low maintenance further contribute to their appeal, making electric panel heaters an energy-efficient and convenient solution for maintaining optimal comfort throughout your home.

    Utilising gas as a heat source is a fast and efficient way to heat air. Flued gas appliances provide fast, dry heating solutions for your home. Gas burns much hotter than electric coil alternatives, and gas appliances are not affected by external air temperatures — meaning that the air delivery will be the same temperature no matter what is going on outside.

    In New Zealand we use two forms of gas: Natural Gas, which is reticulated around most towns in the North Island and LPG which is stored in bottles and available across New Zealand from various companies. Flued heating appliances are a preferred option — as the by-product of the burnt gas is expelled outside — eliminating inside moisture issues. In the South Island Natural Gas is not available, gas consumers must use bottled or reticulated LPG.

    For more information on how to connect to gas, contact heating@placemakers.co.nz or your nearest PlaceMakers branch for the details.

    PlaceMakers Heating offers a selection of outdoor approved heating for areas small or large in electric, gas or fire pit models, to suit all your needs. Kiwis love outdoor living but with unpredictable weather an outdoor heating solution is often required to take the chill out of the air. Investing in outdoor heating allows you to stay comfortable outdoors and entertain all year round and create the perfect ambiance for your family and guests. Outdoor heating is also a great option for cafes, bars, and public outdoor entertainment areas.

    Ventilation helps the circulation of fresh air through your home. It allows moisture and airborne pollutants to escape, and fresh clean air to be drawn into your home resulting in better air quality. The importance of ventilation in our homes is often overlooked but the benefits are clear and significant in keeping your family healthy. These benefits include preventing mould & mildew, protecting against dust mites, and reducing vapour and moisture which in turn reduce the risk of virus infection, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Ventilation solutions like Heat Transfer options can be a good add on to your chosen heating solution. They are a great way to utilize excess warm air from living rooms that feature solid fuel burners, to provide some heat to the bedrooms via a ducted system in the ceiling.

    A bathroom heater is a great addition to keep you and your family warm in winter after a bath or shower, and to heat the room ensuring comfort during the cooler months. A bathroom heater will help keep the room dry, clean, and healthy by reducing mould and mildew. There are several solutions available, whether you require wall or ceiling mounted, fan assisted or timed PlaceMakers has you covered.

    Ceiling fans are a practical and stylish addition to your home. Beyond their primary function of circulating air for cooling, they often incorporate lighting fixtures to provide a dual-purpose solution. With a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes available, they seamlessly integrate into diverse room decors. Energy-efficient and cost-effective, ceiling fans offer an alternative to traditional air conditioning, contributing to a comfortable and well-ventilated environment in both residential and commercial settings.


    Simple guides and calculators to help choosing the right heat pump, gas fire, or wood burner for your home.


    Get the right information to choose the right Heat Pump for your home.



    Gas or wood, find the right fireplace for your home.



    Want to be 'All over H1'? Clause H1 of the New Zealand Building Code, which regulates the energy efficiency of buildings, is undergoing its biggest changes in more than a decade. The first phase of implementation began on Thursday 3 November 2022, with a further set of requirements beginning from 1 May 2023.


    Your guide to home heating, cooling and ventilation products. With so many product options and pathways to achieve a similar result, it can be overwhelming deciding what is best to suit your home when it comes to home heating, cooling and ventilation. What we seek at the end of this journey, is a healthy and comfortable environment.