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E-TOOLS Feature Updates

We're always listening to your feedback so we can keep making improvements in our PlaceMakers E-TOOLS to provide the easiest online experience for you. Recently we've made a few updates that will make your life a little easier, check them out below...

New features on the Trade App and Trade Portal

Even more products online!

You asked, we listened. We're continuing to grow our online range, so now you can see 25,000+ products across the Trade App or Trade Portal and not just based on the branch you're viewing. Plus, with more products visible, there'll be more successful barcode scans in the App too!

Team member estimates access

You can give your team members specific access to be able to view and order from all estimates.
Note: they have to have the ability to place orders.

New features on the Trade Portal

Map Integration

When placing an order you can now see your address on the map and select site entrance and exact drop point so the delivery driver knows exactly where to drop your order.

Freight Calculation

You can now see the freight charge for each order at the checkout on the Trade App and Trade Portal, including any freight agreements!

New features on the Trade App

Estimates on the App

To make your life even easier we've added BUILD IT estimates to the Trade App! Now, once you've approved an estimate in-store or through your rep it will show almost immediately on your Trade App or Trade Portal account so you can order any of the products you need at any time and any stage of build. Find out more.

Checkout Streamlining

To make the checkout process quicker and easier we have added automatic population of required information from your previous orders. When going through the checkout the below will be automatically filled:

  • Soonest available date populated
  • Last used delivery address selected
  • Previously used contacts saved to easily reuse

You can easily change these as you go, but we thought we'd save you the time of having to fill in everything!

Category Browse

We've made it easier for you to browse your favourite categories, by adding all our most popular categories to the Trade App SHOP page. Here you can browse through each category, as well as filter your search results by specific categories on the left-hand side to narrow down your results.

All features available in E-TOOLS

  • Place orders for full standard delivery, courier delivery or pick-up
  • View, track, change or update your orders in one place
  • Search products, view your trade pricing and see if products are in stock at your local branch, or any other branch
  • Add team members, choose different level of access and delegate who can place orders
  • Detailed product information along with product images
  • A quantity calculator for products like timber to make it easier to work out how much you need and place an order straight into the app
  • Suggested search to save time when searching
  • Barcode Scanning on the Trade App – makes it a whole lot easier to build orders or add products to your lists (even from inside the branch)
  • Order from your list or upload a list to be able to order from


Getting stuck on our E-TOOLS? Watch our How-To videos to guide you through all our features so you can make the most of them!


Login or register for the PlaceMakers Trade App now. If you have a Trade Portal account already, you can log in to the Trade App using those same login details.


Login or register for the PlaceMakers Trade Portal now. If you have a Trade App account already, you can log in to the Trade Portal using those same login details.