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    • Flashing
    • Sealing of barriers

    Our Placemakers range of sealing, flashing and multipurpose construction tapes deliver high performance adhesives with enhanced pliability and superior water resistance. Designed to ensure your joints, seams and junctions remain airtight and secure no matter which system you use, they are an essential accessory when installing any of our flexible synthetic or rigid underlay systems. Offering UV defence and weathertight properties, our premium tapes are water, mould and fire resistant and cope well when applied to cold or wet surfaces. Easy to cut and use, there is a  tape designed for every step of the building wrap process.

    You must ensure you use the specific tapes recommended for the system you have purchased.


    Flashing Tapes are an essential tool in any building wrap process, providing a secondary water-resistant barrier that will seal around window and door openings to effectively secure your building envelope system. Flashing tapes are also ideal for use with RAB panels, sealing the joints while they are still exposed. Our premium flashing tapes offer excellent adhesion with an aluminium/foil layer that performs well under a wide range of conditions.

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    Sealing tapes are an essential accessory in any building wrap process ensuring vertical joints are sealed with a seamless and airtight protective barrier as part of your building envelope system. Our premium sealing tapes are watertight and UV stable making them ideal for use with our range of building wraps, FAB’s and RAB’s. Using the latest advances in adhesive technology these tapes will perform well under a wide range of conditions.

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    We supply a wide range of multipurpose tapes, designed by leading construction manufacturers, to provide excellent adhesive bonding during the building wrap process. Ideal for sealing and joining edges of vapour control layers and synthetic underlays, our high performing multipurpose tapes will perform well under a wide range of conditions. NB: Please refer to your purchased building wrap/underlay guidelines to identify the recommended tapes to use with your system.

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    At PlaceMakers we know our stuff. Check out our insulation resources.

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