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    Screws are an indispensable fastenings choice across numerous industries and applications. Their threaded design is a hallmark of their functionality, facilitating a secure grip that surpasses many other fastening methods. This unique feature allows screws to firmly hold materials together, whether wood, metal, drywall, or even concrete.

    Check out our guide below to find the right screw for your job:

    Your guide to the right screw for the job

    Each screw in our comprehensive collection undergoes rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure it meets the demanding requirements of various trades. Whether you're working on decking, landscaping, general construction, metal fabrication, or specialised projects, our extensive range of screws has you covered. From corrosion-resistant exterior screws for outdoor projects to high-strength structural screws for heavy-duty applications, we provide a diverse array of options to suit your specific needs.

    Choosing the right screws for your deck is crucial for ensuring its longevity, structural integrity, and overall aesthetic appeal. Several factors need to be considered when selecting screws for deck construction, including the type of decking material, environmental conditions, and desired appearance.

    Choosing the right screws for a landscaping project is crucial to ensure the longevity and stability of your outdoor structures. When considering above-ground applications such as constructing decks, pergolas, or fences, opt for corrosion-resistant screws made from stainless steel or coated with materials.

    General construction screws are available in interior and exterior options. For interior applications, screws are zinc plated while exterior applications can use stainless steel or galvanised screws.

    If you're fastening into metal then make sure you avoid using regular wood screws and choose a screw specifically designed for metal instead. The point at the tip of a metal screw is designed to drill through steel and most other metals without pre-driling the material first.

    From installing hinges to attaching brackets into concrete, there are a number of different projects which require unique types of screws with distinct features and capabilities to help get the job done.

    The complete guide to Fastenings

    The cornerstone of construction - fastenings. Everything that we build gets its strength, reliability, and precision of from the fastenings invisibly holding things together.

    Landscaping Catalogue

    At PlaceMakers we're well equipped to turn your landscaping dream into a reality. We have a comprehensive range of trade quality products and offer helpful advice.