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    Retaining & Walling

    Transform your outdoors with retaining 

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    Our team has everything you need to get your retaining work done right the first time. With a great range of options and expert advice, we can help you turn the serious business of retaining into something strong and beautiful. 

    The main purpose of retaining walls is to hold back soil and prevent erosion. You can also use retaining walls to create level surfaces or terraces, provide structural stability and improve the overall aesthetics of your property. The main materials for retaining walls include timber, sleepers, retaining blocks, masonry, and galvanised wire (gabion) baskets filled with stones. 

    Before you start, it's important to know that in New Zealand any retaining walls over 1.5 metres high require building consent from your local council. Some walls lower than 1.5 metres that carry extra loading such, as  driveway, building, or steep slope also require building consent. If you're in any doubt, we recommend consulting your local council for advice. 

    Explore our range

    We have a retaining solution for every home with our comprehensive range of materials

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    Timber Retaining

    Timber's natural good looks make it a popular material for retaining walls. You can use timber retaining to create a focal point in your garden, highlight a special feature, or level off areas to create a flat lawn.

    Explore our retaining timbers.


    Wooden sleepers are naturally durable and can be used for retaining walls, raised garden beds, pathways, steps, water features, or even furniture. Check out our wide range of new and reclaimed sleepers including Pine, Macrocarpa, hardwood, and Oak. 

    Explore our sleepers.

    Retaining Blocks

    Retaining blocks come in a mix of quarried stone and earth-tone colours which allow them to naturally blend in with any landscape. You can use blocks to create low-level retaining walls, tree rings, planters, and raised garden beds or to finish your lawn edge in style. 

    Explore our retaining blocks.

    Gabion Baskets

    Gabion baskets are galvanised wire containers that you can fill with almost anything you want — rocks, straw, tiles, bricks, or grass! Gabions can be linked together to form structures that drain well and help to stabilise your soil. They look great as retaining walls or can be used to create feature objects in your garden. 

    Learn about gabion baskets.

    What you need to know before you start your retaining project

    Codes and regulations

    Retaining walls in New Zealand must comply with local building codes and regulations, which specify requirements for design, construction, and safety. This will include factors such as the height of the wall, soil conditions, drainage, and earthquake considerations. It’s important to consult with a qualified engineer or landscape professional before you start to ensure all retaining walls are safe, structurally sound, and comply with local regulations.

    Good foundations

    While the whole wall must be strong, it’s the part below ground that anchors it. If your footings or foundations are weak, there is nothing to stop a retaining wall from falling over.

    Soil Conditions

    You need to understand the soil properties behind and below your retaining wall. Soil type, moisture content and bearing capacity should determine the design and materials required for your retaining wall.


    Proper drainage is important to prevent water build-up which can cause structural failure. Drainage systems such as weep holes, gravel backfill, and geotextile fabrics may need to be incorporated into your design.

    Slope stability

    Slopes that are prone to erosion, landslides, or other natural forces may require additional stabilization measures such as geogrids or soil reinforcement.

    Safety first

    This information serves as a general guideline only. You should always seek professional advice for your specific project. Happy landscaping!

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