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    Frame & Truss

    PlaceMakers Frame and Truss delivers you value for money and saves you time on assembly. We deliver your order right first time, on time.

    What we offer:

    • Frames are clearly marked and stacked in sequence (where ever possible), depending on load efficiency, site requirements and health and safety. 
    • Colour coded truss plans matched by truss coding for ease of placement on site. 
    • All site plans are weatherproof and sent with a PlaceMakers iconic builder’s pencil.
    • Wall junctions are marked on plates.
    • Galvanised nails to any H3.2 CCA walls.
    • PlaceMakers can supply and fit the MiTek Bowmac STUD-LOK system at the plant to save you time and money fitting stud-straps on site.
    • You’ll have ease of interior and exterior lining due to our consistent timber gauge. We only use stress graded, NZ grown timber from reputable suppliers. All trusses are supported by producer, design and manufacturing statements as required by NZS3604:11. We can provide technical support in detailing.
    • Courtesy cuts (under cut) doorways on bottom plates.
    • Experienced site support and site measures.
    • We are the biggest producer of Frame and Truss in New Zealand, with a national network of 9 plants we have the flexibility to meet demand.
    • LBP Maintenance Seminars to help keep you current with your elective skills maintenance points’ requirements are available through PlaceMakers branches or PlaceMakers Frame and Truss.
    • Earn PlaceMakers PLUS Points on all purchases for travel or leisure product rewards.
    • We can incorporate the balance of roof and loose timber within your quote – the benefit of one account.

    PlaceMakers Innovations in Frame and Truss Manufacturing

    PlaceMakers is revolutionising New Zealand homes with innovative frame and truss manufacturing techniques, ensuring quality and efficiency every step of the way.

    • Frames are supplied plastic covered for moisture protection.
    • Calls are made to builders/reps the day prior to delivery to confirm estimated arrival time.
    • We deliver in full and on time to your site.
    • We have a range of trucks and experienced drivers to place Frames and Trusses where you want them on site, unloading with minimal hassle or damage.

    • We provide a full detailing service and willingly work with architects, specifiers and engineers to provide a tailored solution for both standard and more complex constructions.
    • We can integrate engineered timber products for mid floors or garage lintels, for example, where specified.
    • We invest in the latest in saw technology for accuracy and presentation.
    • Fastenings and design are from Mitek, a company with 40 years of supply within New Zealand. Lumberlok, Gang-nail and Bowmac zinc, galvanised are used.
    • Our branch network, National Estimations Unit and our digital tools, like Build It, means that location isn’t a factor.

    • PlaceMakers Frame & Truss service promise ensures safety at all stages of the delivery and offloading process.
    • Safety is paramount in all phases.

    Framology - Smart thinking, Manufactured. Wall framing in NZ is evolving and a shifting regulatory landscape raises the question of how can we do this better? PlaceMakers Frame and Truss have a pipeline of new solutions which will feature under the title of Framology - so if you see it, know that it is us saying - here is a better way.

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    PlaceMakers Frame and Truss Terms & Conditions

    Unless stated otherwise these terms and conditions apply to any Estimate or Purchase Order for the supply of PlaceMakers Manufactured Products and Services PlaceMakers Manufactured Products and Services Products include: detailing and manufacture of frames, trusses, pre-cut roof components, cassette floors, posi-struts, beams and other prefabricated products or components as set out in the Estimate or Purchase Order.

    1.1.      PlaceMakers Standard Terms of Trade (“Terms of Trade”) apply. If there is any conflict between these PlaceMakers Frame and Truss Terms & Conditions  and the Terms of Trade, then the Terms of Trade will prevail. You, the Customer are deemed to have accepted these PlaceMakers Frame & Truss Standard Terms and Conditions upon requesting PlaceMakers to provide the PlaceMakers Manufactured Products as set out in the Purchase Order and/or Production Request Form.

    1.2.      PlaceMakers will endeavour to ensure the accuracy of any Estimate based on the information supplied by the Customer. The Customer is solely responsible for and, must provide accurate complete comprehensive up to date plans (most recent and preferably consented plans) specifications and other requisite information.

    1.3       PlaceMakers relies on the information supplied by (or on behalf of) the Customer in detailing and manufacturing Manufactured Products. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that the information supplied meets the requirements of the NZ Building Code, NZS 3604 or any other relevant legislation, regulations, standards or codes of practice.

    1.4       If the plans or specifications change, resulting in a change to the measurements or requirements or a departure from industry tolerances the Customer must immediately notify PlaceMakers of such changes and receive acceptance of such changes in writing and prior to manufacture. This may include a new PRF at PlaceMakers’ discretion. 

    1.5       The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information upon which the Estimate and the PRF is based and is responsible for checking all items and the quantities of materials before budgeting or pricing and before placing orders. PlaceMakers excludes liability for any differences which arise between our Estimate and any estimated quantities and final quantities ordered by the Customer.

    1.6       Any material changes to the specification or agreed plans for production may render an Estimate invalid at PlaceMakers’ discretion.

    1.7       Any change to the agreed plans for production which is not material but will add cost may be treated and charged as a variation at PlaceMakers’ discretion.

    1.8       The agreed plans for production (most recent and preferably consented plans) , drawings, specifications and other design information must be supplied before production will proceed.

    1.9       Architectural plans lacking necessary information may cause any detailing and/or manufacture to be put "on hold" until rectified by the Customer.

    1.10.     PlaceMakers excludes liability for design and architectural errors or omissions.

    1.11      PlaceMakers excludes liability for any design or structural engineering errors of omissions.

    1.12      PlaceMakers excludes liability for any inconsistency between architectural and structural engineering plans.

    1.13      Where projects contain structural steel components such as steel portals, frames, beams or posts that could interfere with framing, PlaceMakers may require additional time between these components being installed on site and frame/truss delivery manufacture and delivery due to the potential for site measures being required to confirm dimensions before frame and truss manufacture. The Customer must ensure appropriate lead times to take account such delays or requirements.

    1.14.     The prices in an Estimate are GST exclusive and will remain valid for a period of 30 Days only from the date of the Estimate.

    1.15.     Only items shown on the Estimate are included.

    1.16      Material, manufacturing and supplier price increases and costs will be passed through to the Customer and will apply at the date of invoicing unless the Estimate pricing is still valid or as otherwise agreed in writing by PlaceMakers.

    1.17      The Customer will be invoiced by the PlaceMakers branch on completion of manufacture and payment will be due in full in cleared funds by the 20th day of the month irrespective of delivery.

    1.18      No allowance has been made for a site visit, site measure or special engineering design.

    1.19.     Trusses under 15 degrees may require a raised heel height greater than is specified on architectural plans to design. If heel heights are not noted on the Estimate, it is the Customer’s responsibility to raise and confirm the heel height before final plans are submitted for production.

    1.20.     If no durability zones are specified, it will be assumed that the project is located in NZS 3604 1999 Building Zone 1, and is not in Sea Spray, Geothermal zones or Very High Wind zones. The Customer must confirm this in the PRF.

    1.21.     Estimates are based on the trusses being "enclosed" under NZS 3604 guidelines, in particular reference to coastline (no allowance has been made for stainless steel fixings or nail plates).

    1.22      Mitek Stud-Lock screw price is only to fit to load bearing walls directly under a roof unless specified otherwise by the architect

    1.23.     No allowance made for the cutting of bastard mitres, complex/compound seat cuts.

    1.24.     No allowance made for special stud to top plate fixings, or any other frame hardware.

    1.25.     No allowance made for FSC timber.

    1.26.     No allowance made for curved/circular lintels. Curved walls supplied as loose components only (if applicable).

    1.27.     No allowance for extra fixings for frames or trusses.

    1.28.     Exposed trusses/rafters/beams are excluded

    1.29      Risk passes on delivery, title passes on payment in full.

    1.30.     Unless stated otherwise, the cost of delivery to the site is excluded from the Estimate. Delivery will be charged at PlaceMakers branch standard delivery rates or as otherwise agreed in writing.

    1.31.     As construction techniques and site conditions can vary and all circumstances on site cannot be reasonably anticipated nor controlled by PlaceMakers. PlaceMakers excludes liability for site conditions.

    1.32.     Delivery to site is by standard Hiab, maximum 12 metre reach.

    1.33.     Any additional requirements such as on-site lifting, four-wheel drive, will be an additional charge to the Customer.

    1.34      Cassette Delivery. If the ground floor framing is not adequately prepared for the placing of the cassette floors prior to delivery, there may be additional PlaceMakers delivery delay costs charged for time waiting on site.

    1.35.     The stacking order of the Manufactured Products will be at the discretion of PlaceMakers with health and safety and transportation requirements taking priority.

    1.36.     The Customer is responsible for providing safe access to the site for delivery and for ensuring the site’s environment and health and safety processes and safety equipment meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. PlaceMakers Workers will not undertake work if they consider the site unsafe or non-compliant.

    1.37.     Claims for shortfall, defects, error or remedial work must be made within 7 days of delivery or enclosing whichever is earlier. No claim will be accepted unless a Remedial Request Order is submitted and agreed to by the Customer and PlaceMakers as per the PlaceMakers Remedial Process.

    1.38.     PlaceMakers will not be responsible for and excludes liability for maintaining the condition of PlaceMakers Manufactured Products , and any supplementary packs of timber that are not collected or delivered within 30 working days of the manufacturing date.

    1.39.     If the PlaceMakers Manufactured Products and/or supplementary packs of timber are not delivered or taken within 90 working days of the later of scheduled delivery date or manufacturing date PlaceMakers reserves the right to either deliver at the Customer’s cost or dispose of the PlaceMakers Manufactured Products even if such Products have been paid for by the Customer.

    1.40      Neither you nor we will be liable under or in connection to these Terms for any delay or failure to perform in part or in full any of their obligations under these Terms to the extent that the delay or failure (whether in part or in full) is caused by a Force Majeure Event or a cause beyond our control. Force Majeure means any cause that prevents the affected party from performing any or all of its obligations (in part or in full) under this agreement which arises from or is attributable to acts (including but not limited to governmental or regulatory acts or directives) events (including but not limited to natural disasters or extreme weather events, pandemics, epidemics), omissions or accidents beyond the control of the affected party. For the avoidance of doubt, refusal or failure to pay does not amount to a Force Majeure.

    1.41      PlaceMakers may update or amend these Terms from time to time without prior notice. Each time the Customer orders a Manufactured Product or Service from PlaceMakers Frame & Truss, The Terms in force at that time will apply as set out here. These Terms were last updated on 30th March 2023