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PlaceMakers Smart Delivery

PlaceMakers offers world-class delivery service to customers around the country

PlaceMakers is transforming the way it does business, with an innovative new approach to delivery – and builders around the country are benefitting.

“By combining a number of existing technologies – from restaurant ordertype platforms to Uber-type software – we have created a dependable, transparent and end-to-end delivery service for our customers,” says PlaceMakers Business Transformation Manager Wayne Armstrong.

“The service, which has been rolled out to almost all branches nationwide over the past year, allows customers to track their order from start to finish, even when it’s en route to give our customers absolute certainty as to when we will arrive on site.”

Starting off right

Once a customer order is taken, the whole PlaceMakers team can see where the order is at through all stages of delivery.

A confirmation text and email will be sent to the customer, with an estimated arrival time and location. Using the system, PlaceMakers can see the site and pinpoint the site’s entry point and the  exact location where the customer would like the products placed.

Accurate pick and pack 

Once the order has been made and the confirmation sent, branch staff can begin packing the order. Scanning an item automatically updates the order on the dashboard and, once all items have been scanned, the order will be marked as complete.

If a customer calls in to add something to the order, the item can be added to the existing order on the dashboard and the order’s status will be updated accordingly.

“The system is designed to eliminate order errors,” says Wayne. “For example, if an entire order has been picked, scanned and marked as complete, then a new item is added, the system acknowledges this and changes its status to incomplete. This way, the team knows to pick the new item before delivery.”

“This means that, when drivers check in before loading begins, they’ll know right away if something has been added by the customer but not yet picked.”

Heading in the right direction

The new system uses customer location data to determine the best route and order of stops for the delivery driver, reducing unnecessary travel time.

Once the customer has been notified that the order is en route, the system’s real-time delivery route tracking software allows the customer to track the truck’s progress and estimated arrival in real time, just like Uber.

Customers can sign for the order on arrival using the driver’s system, and drivers can document the arrival by uploading a photo to the order.

The order is only finalised once the signature and photo are uploaded and placed on the company invoice – completing the end-to-end service.

“It’s all about efficiency and communication – two key elements of excellent customer service,” says Wayne. “Our goal is to provide world-class customer service that make a real difference to  builders, saving them time and money.”