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The Brickery Clay Brick


Residential, Exterior, Interior

Austral and Monier bricks available through The Brickery provide durability, sustainability and long lasting performance while giving you the look you want. Cool in summer, warm in winter, and available in an astonishing range of colours, textures and sizes. Clay bricks are a designer’s dream material.

• Naturally good looking
• No shrink or fade

AVAILABLE RANGE: Origin, Artisan, La Paloma, Vintage, Magnum, Mezzo, Industry & San Selmo

RECOMMENDED FINISH: Pre-finished | Mortar colour


Features & Benefits

For more information visit www.thebrickery.co.nz

Mortar Colour

When it comes to mortar (what binds the bricks together) you will need to consider the colour and finish, as both will have a striking impact on the look of your bricks. Mortar constitutes approximately 15% of the brick facade colour.

An off-white mortar between darker coloured bricks will add contrast and highlight the shape of each brick. Whereas matching mortar colour to the brick will soften the brickwork.

Mortar Finishes

When it comes to mortar finishes, it ’s all about the lighting. There are four common finishes; raked, rolled, flush and struck.

A raked finish is recessed, creating deep shadows in the horizontal mortar joint, bringing out the lines of the brick work. A rolled finish* also creates shadow lines, but they are subtler. A flush finish doesn’t allow for any shadows in the joint, giving the wall a flatter, more unified look. A struck joint gives a neat, well ordered look.

*A rolled joint is recommended for all slurry coated clay bricks. Information supplied by The Brickery. 

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