PlaceMakers Yard Digitization


Gone are the days where a customer goes into a PlaceMakers yard, has their order scribbled on a small piece of paper, and hopes the trade counter inside can understand the writing. Today, it’s all digital.

A handheld device, called a Zebra, is now employed by each of the yard staff. When a customer enters the yard and is served by a team member, the product is simply scanned and then the customer’s account and job reference entered. The information is then sent direct to the trade counter so when the customer goes to complete the invoice it’s already up on screen.

The result of this is an average saving of 5 minutes every time a customer goes through the drive-thru. No need to wait at the counter for the order to be punched. Another outcome is a huge reduction in errors.

But that’s not the only thing a Zebra can do. They’re used for picking delivery orders, providing live order statuses and they can trigger SMS notifications when orders are ready for collection. Not only do they handle outgoing goods, but are vital when processing inwards goods, and even when completing credits.

All this adds up to a system that’s faster, more accurate and has more visibility.