Our Accounts Payable scanning system enables us to scan hardcopy invoices and capture data before publishing full invoice details, including a link to the scanned image, to the individual PlaceMakers branches.

This project is adding great value to internal process performance enhancements within PlaceMakers National Office as well as within individual branches.

Accurate data capture is essential, so please ensure that you have the correct account set-up in your accounting or contact management system.



To ensure your invoice is processed to the correct branch, please arrange your debtor’s ledger so that you have a separate account for each branch and that the account name and branch code are shown as follows:

PlaceMakers - (branch name)
BCODE (space) (code no)



Printing the creditor’s number on all your invoices will ensure that they are promptly processed to the correct supplier account

The creditor’s number should appear after the branch code and should be shown as follows:

SUPP (space) (number)

If you require any further information or assistance, email us at supplier@placemakers.co.nz.