Timber Products

PlaceMakers is one of the largest suppliers of timber in New Zealand. With our long history of supplying the demanding trade market, PlaceMakers offers a range of quality timber second to none. Our team of buyers are regularly visiting the mills that produce the timber to ensure New Zealand Standards are being meet. If you have any questions regarding any of our timber products, please contact one of our PlaceMakers stores.

Non-structural Timber

Non-structural Timber

PlaceMakers has an extensive range of non-structural timber, untreated and treated. Whether it is a retaining wall or boxing for your concrete footpath, PlaceMakers can supply what you need to complete your project. We also have a full range of quality trade accessories such as posts, Dricon, fastenings and paint.  Contact your local branch for more information about specific products and ask about our delivery service.


Products available include:

*No. 1
*No. 2
*Ceiling battens
*Cavity battens
*Roof tile battens

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