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Plasterboard Compounds & Accessories

PlaceMakers has an extensive range of plasters, compounds and accessories like screws, adhesives, hand tools and other specialist tools like sanders and hawks. All the well-known brands are available - GIB, GoldBond, Hamilton Drywall Products, Richard, Marshalltown, Giraffe to name a few. We service a wide range of trades including builders, stoppers and fixers. Check in with your local PlaceMakers store for all your drywall needs.

  • Compounds

    PlaceMakers has a variety of compounds, be it setting or air drying from Base Coat products like GIB Tradeset to Finishing Coat products like GIB Trade Finish. We also have DIY options like GIB Redifilla.

  • Screws & Adhesives

    1. There are numerous adhesives like GIB Fix One, Bostik Gold and others for all your adhesive and sealant needs. We also have acoustic sealants like GIB Soundseal available.
    2. Whether you’re fixing plasterboard to timber or steel we have a range of screws both loose and collated available.
  • Hand Tools and Power Tools

    1. PlaceMakers have access to a vast range of Drywall Hand Tools – from Joint Knives to Banjos to Hawks and everything in between. If we don’t have something in stock we can get it in for you.
    2. Whatever Power Tool you require for your drywall needs, PlaceMakers can help. Sanders, Vacuums, Screw Guns to name just a few.

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