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Using EDI

Between mid-March and early April 2013 we sent an email to all our product suppliers which outlined PlaceMakers aim to streamline our administration processes and increase efficiencies. One of the key aspects of that communication was encouraging our suppliers to switch to EDI.  Switching to EDI (electronic data interchange) provides you with many benefits of speed, savings and accuracy. Find out how and why below. If you would like more information on EDI please contact us on supplier@placemakers.co.nz


  • Significant cost reductions – you free up resources for more value-added work Greater accuracy, avoiding costly follow-ups associated with manual data entry
  • Improved timeliness and availability of business data
  • Reduction in administrative costs and improved sustainability e.g. reduced postage, paper, couriers
  • Improved cash flow resulting from electronic transmission of invoices – with EDI your invoices can’t “get lost in the post”
  • Improved business relationships with your trading partners


Because data is keyed into your accounting software and transmitted electronically, you enjoy many benefits of speed, savings and accuracy.


We would like to receive invoices in the first instance. Once the EDI system is set up, we would be happy to send you electronic purchase orders if you so request.


PlaceMakers uses a Hardware Industry standard for formatting data that has been adopted by a number of companies similar to PlaceMakers both here and in Australia. This means the process you put in place for us can also be used with other customers and suppliers. Implementation of the process will require input from your IT personnel.


If your IT system is able to provide data in the format required, the data will be routed through FBX at no cost to yourselves.

Adaptiv manages the EDI implementation process on behalf of PlaceMakers.


Invoices are transmitted to FBX using a secure protocol – HTTPS. If your IT personnel have no experience with using HTTPS, Adaptiv and PlaceMakers can supply a utility enabling them to do so. This is provided free of charge.

Your system will automatically connect to the FBX server via the internet and send the invoice file to PlaceMakers. You will receive confirmation that the file has been received by the exchange.


Adaptiv will test the process for 3-4 weeks to ensure the process is robust and the data is in the correct format. On the completion of successful testing, a time will be arranged with you to cut over to the live environment.


If your IT system is not capable of providing data in the required format, there are a couple of options available to you:

1. You can use a third-party provider – there are a number of them who provide this service – at a cost. Your IT personnel should be able to provide you with more information on this option.

2. A less satisfactory option is to send invoices in PDF format via email.

If you would like more information on any of these options, please contact us on supplier@placemakers.co.nz