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MATES in Construction

An ambition to combat the enormous toll of suicides in the building and construction industry has motivated the PlaceMakers Foundation to get behind MATES in Construction, in a partnership that will see their critical work extended nationwide.

Thanks to a substantial grant from the Foundation along with in-store fundraising, MATES can extend their work beyond major centres while in-person support, information and training will be rolled out in the PlaceMakers network of 62 stores around New Zealand, along with their 8 Frame and Truss plants. 

Victoria McArthur, CEO at MATES in Construction, says the chance to enhance and expand their work through the partnership will have a huge impact in reaching more people who desperately need support.

“The construction industry continues to have the highest number of suicides across all industries in this country, so it’s vital that we have a partner like PlaceMakers who share our dedication to wellbeing in the workplace, making it ok to ask for help, and creating communities of people who can support each other,” said Ms McArthur.

“The opportunity to scale up thanks to this generous partnership will truly have a lifechanging effect for the thousands more tradies we can now connect with.”

Bruce McEwen, PlaceMakers Chief Executive and Foundation Chair, says getting as many people as possible behind MATES will create a force for change.

“Suicide has become all too common in our industry, and the devastating ripple effect it can cause has driven us to get engaged,” said Mr McEwen.

“We interact with thousands of people every day so by getting our teams and customers behind MATES in Construction we’re looking to drive increased awareness and make long-lasting positive change.” said Mr McEwen.

From informational signage in stores, to informative Trade Breakfast presentations, to building capability amongst branch staff to recognise people who need help, PlaceMakers will be activating a number of initiatives alongside MATES in Construction to help improve mental health and prevent suicide in the industry.

Top image left to right: Lance Van Niekerk, Victoria McArthur, Bruce McEwen, Slade McFarland