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New Zealanders have always loved the great outdoors and a lot more effort is going in to designing the ‘Outdoor Room’. A stylish pergola can enable your deck to become an extension of your indoor living space. PlaceMakers has an extensive range of products available that can be used to achieve the look you want for your home.

PlaceMakers has available a wide range of beams that can enhance your pergola. These range from solid pine through to the more stable laminated posts and even large hardwood beams that can be stained or left to silver off naturally.

Post Pergolas: Solid Wood Posts 

Solid wood gauged posts are taken out of the sap wood of a tree and although some movement is expected the posts usually stay relatively straight. The posts are treated to H4 or H5 and are very strong and durable.

Post Pergolas: Hardwood Posts

Hardwood posts come in a range of sizes and materials, from smooth finished Kwila through to rustic oak. Tip: Posts will require a waterproof barrier if going in ground.

Beam Pergolas: Glue Laminated Beams 

Gluelam are perfect for a high class outdoor area. They come in a range of different sizes and lengths. They are easy to paint and keep their shape well. Tip: Laminated beams should be stored undercover until they are installed and fully painted.

Post Pergolas: Glue Laminated Posts

Laminated posts are stronger and stay straighter than solid wood posts. They are available in a number of different lengths and can be purchased natural or preprimed.

Beam Pergolas: Rails or Boards

Rails or boards come in standard 150, 200, 250 and 300 x 50mm sizes and can be used to achieve different effects. They can be stained or painted to create a modern look.

Beam Pergolas: Hardwood Beams

Hardwood beams can make a pergola look great. Options for the beams include Hardwood sleepers and Purple Heart timber. Tip: Hardwood beams may need to be ordered so allow time for delivery.