Tuesday 9 - Sunday 14 March 2021

Captivating and curious Russell, one of the prettiest seaside towns you’ve ever seen. History abound and scenery to capture you from the every angle. You won’t want to leave, but we’ll take you further North to Doubtless Bay to a stunning resort for some well-deserved RnR.



You will fly into Kerikeri on Air New Zealand where you’ll be met and escorted to Russell which is a 45 minute drive and a car ferry. After several nights together we will head by coach up to Carrington Lodge by coach, taking approximately 2 hours. During your stay at Carrington we will have several coaches on hand to transport you to your daily activities. On departure you will fly out of Kaitaia on chartered aircraft by Barrier Airways.


In order to support local we will stay at several locally owned hotels, all top class and all in the centre of the little seaside town. Your comfort is key and we have ensured only the best for you! Our central hub will be The Duke of Marlborough which has an amazing history as NZ’s first licence to sell alcohol and the base of a stopover points for whalers of the pacific, you can imagine the stories that the walls of this hotel hold. Nearby we will have rooms at Seaport and the Russell apartments as well – both lovely boutique properties to relax in between your activities.

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Up at the base of Cape Reinga we will be heading to Carrington Estate. A place where leisure meets nature, where rolling vineyards and farmland flow through pristine fairways down to the azure waters, white sands and untouched beaches of the Pacific Ocean.
Carrington is at the core of your Northland experience, where every day is a new journey. Carrington is a grand estate at the heart of Northland. The 3000-acre estate on the pristine and picturesque Karikari Peninsula is a world-class beach-side escape, a million miles from everyday life and a unique New Zealand resort.


  • Return flights from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch
  • Luxury coach transfers throughout
  • Daily Happy Hour
  • A welcome to Russell evening festival
  • A wonderful day out at world famous Cape Reinga – all the action you can handle!
  • 5 nights luxury accommodation
  • Daily cooked breakfast
  • Farewell dinner at Carrington lodge
  • Loads of bespoke optional activities every day offered and arranged for you (additional cost)
  • Opportunity to stay on and enjoy a family holiday, booked with our preferred travel provider
  • Your PlaceMakers Plus team and daily help desk


It’s all about the great outdoors up North. Any kind of watersport you can imagine; kite surfing, kayaking, fishing, stand up paddle boards, surfing, sailing and motorboating. On land you can experience the local Maori culture, visit the giant kauri trees, horse riding, meet the local artisans, golf at world famous Carrington, diving, cycling, dine at wonderful seafood restaurants, and meet the locals in the watering holes. The famous Cape Reinga is worth a visit to see incredible 90 mile beach and try sandboarding, blow karting or quad biking. There are simply tonnes of things to do in Northland and tonnes of fabulous people to meet!

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