Announcement 31st May 2017

PlaceMakers continues to evolve to serve the changing needs of the industry 

The building industry has changed significantly over the past five years – with it, so have builders’ needs and our approach to ensuring we meet them. 

We launched Under Construction and our skills maintenance seminars in anticipation of the introduction of Restricted Building Work, which made being a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) compulsory for many. Our goal was to help LBPs earn the skills maintenance points required by the scheme – later termed ‘elective’ learning. 

For four years, the scheme depended wholly on industry-led activities such as those offered by PlaceMakers – and we remained committed to supporting builders along the way. 

That commitment has never changed, but what has is the LBP points system. The introduction of mandatory activities towards the end of 2015 reduced the need for elective points by half. 

With those changes well and truly in full swing, we’ve looked at how best we can use our resources to support our builders. As such, we will now host one series of skills maintenance seminars per year – with the next starting in late July – and publish a printed version of Under Construction every two months. 

That doesn’t mean we’ll be delivering any less news, views and tips each month. Our website will feature the same number of monthly articles to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the relevant industry information you have come to rely on – we’ll be posting articles as they become available, so make sure to visit the site for the latest updates. 

We know that gathering points isn’t the only reason our customers read Under Construction – most are committed to staying up to speed for their own professional development. 

Evolving to meet customer demand is a key aspect of good business and we want to ensure that PlaceMakers is in the best position to service your needs. We look forward to continuing to provide high-quality content that adds value to your business.


PlaceMakers Skills Maintenance

PlaceMakers customers will be able to earn all their elective points (half the total number for LBPs under the new scheme)* required over a two-year period through PlaceMakers initiatives, such as reading our Under Construction Magazine and attending PlaceMakers Skills Maintenance seminars.

*Those LBPs who haven’t transferred to the new scheme can continue to earn all their points by reading Under Construction and attending PlaceMakers seminars.



Stay tuned for more details on PlaceMakers 13th round of Skills Maintenance seminars kicking off in July



We know it’s tough to keep up with all the paperwork required these days, so to give you a hand we’ve produced a triplicate Record of Work book with three copies of the memorandum forms for your job details – one for the homeowner, one for the council and one for you to keep.   Each book holds up to 25 jobs with the colour coded forms.

Pick one up at your local PlaceMakers branch today!


Employers Employers


Who should attend the Skills Maintenance Seminars?

All Licensed Building Practitioners and those who have applied for a license. The session is for all license classes including sub-trades e.g. Brick & Block Layers/Roofers/Plasterers.


How many LBP points do I earn for attending a PlaceMakers Skills Maintenance Seminar?

Each seminar is aproximately two hours long. Every hour of educational learning is equal to 1 LBP point towards your Skills Maintenance requirements. 

View the LBP Skills Maintenance guidance and how points can be earned.


What if I haven't got my license yet?

If you have applied for your license or are still thinking about becoming licensed, you are still welcome to attend the PlaceMakers Skills Maintenance seminars, however you must currently hold your license to gain the LBP Skills Maintenance points.

For information on the upcoming PlaceMakers Skills Maintenance seminars, please contact your local PlaceMakers store.