Aluminium Doors & Windows

Fletcher Doors & Windows

PlaceMakers, together with Fletcher Window + Door Systems, can offer a range of well-priced installed solutions to cover all home requirements from residential, architectural, thermal & high performance.

Aluminium Doors & Windows

Aluminium Doors & Windows

All our doors and windows are NZ Made for NZ conditions

Quality products – Euroslider, Eurostacker, Foldback Bifolds, LevelStep flush sill

Consistency in look & performance with the ability to mix residential with architectural suites

Fletcher Window + Door Systems: Rylock, Fisher, Nebulite, Vistalite - trusted brands 

Practical & educational show rooms for you & your client - contact your local PlaceMakers rep for details of your closest showroom 


Features a totally flush transition between the indoor & outdoor spaces. Cost effective as it is added to the standard slider/stacker.


Some of their most notable features include ease of opening all day, every day due to the innovative V shaped track which provides better panel weight distribution with its matching V shaped wheels. 


Unlike conventional Bifolds, the doors fold back against the exterior wall, out of the way, creating maximised uninterrupted indoor outdoor flow. 

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